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I get a bit…cringy at the thought of Killian/Milah simply for my distaste of the woman (although I’ll jump to defend her when people objectify her/villainize her), but mention SF in any sort of positive/romantic light and I want to throw things

Yeah, I’m not a big Milah fan really, for me she was just a little bet meh. (I will defend her against the haters, though)

But, she made my precious baby darling happy for the first time in years since he lost Liam, and that gives her some points in my book. Plus, she got herself out of a miserable situation, which took serious guts. I think leaving her son was a really poor decision, but yeah. Milah wasn’t perfect, but she’s an okay character in her own right. And she had way more development than Neal ever did.

But Emma and Neal, no no no no no no no no no times infinity. The only good thing I have to say about Neal, is that he did make my beautiful darling baby duckling Emma happy for a short time, but that is all overshadowed by all the crap he put her through. So he is on my permanent shit list. 

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When It Comes To The First Loves Of My OTP

Killian x Milah: Totally fine. Not even close to being as beautiful and epic and timeless as my OTP. But adequate.

Emma x Neal: No, no, no no, no, no, no, no, no , no. 

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■ lari for ts;  

Sooo, I just got this random text message form one of the other RAs.

"Is the bail bondsman chick really Snow White?"

Bwhahahahahaha. He started watching OUAT!

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It’s only the second week of the semester and I’m already procrastinating like a pro. I think I’m just gonna go to be early and get all my work done tomorrow. That’s the good thing about only having classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I need a couple really good multi chapter CS fic recs though, because I want to do some reading.

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Forgive the quality… I will redo this gif once we have the proper footage. Rumbelle dance footage was recorded by Jay Pineapple

This couple will be the death of me <3

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Haha I just reblogged that same post and mentioned in the tags that I’m not a big fan of the book/movie but I get the parallel that the post was trying to make and the sentiment behind it. That I do like.

The sentiment behind the CS post is one that I can appreciate. But I wouldn’t classify it as a parallel.

But if others view it that way and it makes them super happy and excited, then yay!

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