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All right. I’m going to bed. Hopefully I will wake up to 5K or more tomorrow. And then I can start planning a project for you guys. :)

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4.05 Breaking Glass Promo

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We know that Emma always wears her jacket as her own personal armor.
She wore the leather dress with Walsh for that one reason: it was an extension of her armor
Tonight she wore soft pink because she wanted to be close to Killian she wanted romance and love.

He gave her his jacket.
Because she is his girl yes and because now she had a new armor: him.
Because he will protect her.
And she let him in under her walls and protection.



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Anna of Arendelle | The apprentice

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So here we are Captain, still in business together. I think you and I are going to have some fun.

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[ That moment your OTP can’t believe how good looking their date is ]

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i’ve got a date with emma. should things go well and she wants me to hold her,
                                   i want to use        b o t h      h a n d s.

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His darkness and her light. Together they’re True Love.

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