Also I will be writing an Angels Take Manhattan  CS fic, later this week, probably. Because I’m a jerk.

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■ lari for ts;  

When you think about it the weeping angels are really stupid. And I hate them.

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Frick, my two 4000 level history midterms are both due on the same day…… ugh.

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YOOOOO I didn’t express interest in joining the History Club……… 

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Constitution of the Captain Swaners of the World


A little joke for my fellow American CSers although i feel anyone CS can appreciate this

We the Captain Swaners in order to form a more perfect fandom, establish these the laws of fandom.

Article I (The CS Fandom Structure)

Section 1

  1. All CS Powers herein granted shall be vested in a…
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■ ahahahahahaha;  YES;  

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Okay I like this girls writing, but honey, why did you turn in a fifty page story for workshop……. It’s soooooooooooo long.

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■ lari for ts;  

That awkward moment when someone follows you and then that same person unfollows you a few moments later……

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killianthehero replied to your post: killianthehero replied to your post: B…

I don’t think I’ve posted it on tumblr actually… I said it in one of the podcasts..for Maleficent BOTH Emma and Killian have wronged her.. They have been paralleling Henry and Killian..only Charmings not under a sleeping curse.. Etc

Talk speculationy to me, and give me all the feels.


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killianthehero replied to your post: Between Emma and Killian, I don’t care…

I kind of need it to be 4b bc of parallels and Maleficent!!! (I want my theory to be true )

I don’t recall reading your theory.

I go back and forth from day to day.

All I know is that I’m quite certain there is going to be a CS TLK in season 4.

And hearts have always been Regina’s thing, so maybe they’ll freeze her heart, or freeze Robin’s.

And there is also the issue of Killian attempting TLK in 3x11, so storytelling wise a successful TLK could come to pass in 4x11.

On the other side of the coin, Maleficent could want to go after Regina and her True Love.

I’m really not sure.

All I know is that thinking of the many possibilities of a CS TLK is making me feel all warm and fuzz inside and I need it to happen, and I’m sure it will in season 4.

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