If all the stars align, I might be able to wrk on TMHTLA today. :)

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■ lari for ts;  

Okay, I need to see Into the Woods like yesterday.

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■ lari for ts;  

To the people who have stayed with this blog throughout all the craziness, thank you. I love you all, and you mean the world to me. :) <3

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  1. Someone deleted a blog
  2. Someone left your fandom
  3. Someone is overwhelmed by their dash
  4. Someone doesn’t appreciate you [GOODBYE AND GOOD LUCK]
  5. Someone needs to take some time away and can’t be tempted by your blog
  6. They don’t like something you love (yes, it’s okay, man! This is why we create the dash we want)
  7. They feel more comfortable keeping a slow dash and stalking others
  8. Tumblr is a dick sometimes

Not reasons you lost a follower:

  1. You suck

Stop worrying. I am not kidding, dudes, stop worrying, stop commenting, know that we all create the dash we want, know that we don’t delete a blog with the hope of having someone feel sad that they are down a follower. Know that it’s better to post what makes YOU happy than what makes others happy.

That insanely popular blog you love too? It loses followers every day.

That underrated oc? It does too. But the people who stay are the ones who matter the most to that one person.

If you value the loss of people who don’t stay over the loyalty of the people who do, you’re missing the point.

I get it. It hurts. But take a step back. Remember why you are here. Think about the people who love you. They are going nowhere.

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Seriously, when are people going to figure out that the lion tattoo is not the mark of Regina’s true love. The pixie dust didn’t go in search of a guy with a certain lion tattoo. It went in search of Robin, who is Regina’s true love. The tattoo was his most distinguishing feature from as much as Regina and Tink could see of him. 

The lion tattoo is not the mark of Regina’s true love.

The lion tattoo is the mark of Robin who is Regina’s true love.

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It’s always a bit baffling to lose a follower, because I pretty much blog about the same stuff every day, so I’m like…why did you follow me in the first place?

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I have a friendly little piece of advice for the nervous nellies aboard the good ship Captain Swan.


Everything is going to be fine. It’s a television show, so of course there will be drama. But I will remind you that this is the show about True Love overcoming all obstacles.

It’s all good. Sit back and relax.

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I’ve been sitting here trying to put this into words: How JMO actually dressed like Princess Leia for SDCC.  The dress color, neckline and waist cuts are almost identical but she made it even better by actually doing the Leia hair and you can’t convince me that she didn’t do this on purpose to support CS  ( for pic credit)

yep. also, princess buttercup’s dress is red too. just saying :)

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Usually if I lose fans it’s because I said something wrong about Willow Pape.

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