Ship and let ship! And most importantly Be Kind

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Why is everyone killing me with 4x02 headcanons.

Yes, I realize that I am the pot calling the kettle black. But my headcanon was only like four words.

Everyone else is writing out these detailed scenarios and I’m drowning in all the feels.

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■ lari for ts;  

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I’m sorry mom! I love you!

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who cares about spelling when there’s feels involved

I just did another thing. 

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No. This would be me trying to commit matricide.


The sound of static fills the quiet room. Killian smashes his thumb against the button with desperation. “Emma, Emma are you still there?”

Emma’s voice barely manages to break through the static. “Killian— I’m so cold- I don’t think—”

"No, no, Stay with me Swan," Killian practically shouts into the walkie talkie.

But then it goes dead, and Killian falls to his knees, a sharp pain shooting through his chest.

"What’s wrong," demands David, remembering that horrible day when Snow took a bite of Regina’s poisoned apple.

"It’s Emma. She’s freezing to death."

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Look at me, killing people. Except there was a typo. Oh well! I always do that, because I’m the sloppiest typer ever. BUT THE FEELS ARE THERE!

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■ lari for ts;  

What if the walkie talkie starts to kind of crackle out, and Killian says something like “Stay with me, Swan.”

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Okay, I’m trying to phrase some of these community standards in a  diplomatic manner, but it’s a bit tricky.

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ah, young love

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Why do people think that all SQ shippers are the same? That we are all hateful and insane. I hate when I see a post saying something about SQ shippers are toxic and that they should all just go away. Being an SQ shipper myself, I take those things personally and I get worried because I think people hate me. I never send hate to anyone and although there are somethings that I do not ship. I respect the freedom to ship what you want and I get along with people who have all kinds of ships. I will say that I’ve encountered other SQer’s who are just awful and not only awful and hateful to other shippers, but even to their own “fellow” shippers (like me) and I been bullied by them. So yes, there are some rotten apples in the bunch, but please now that not every single person who ships Emma and Regina is the same. Please, keep that in mind. I’m all for getting along. <3

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